SMS Betim Contest: 1,341 vacancies in the healthcare field with salaries up to R $ 8.7 thousand!

SMS Betim Contest: 1,341 vacancies in the healthcare field with salaries up to R $ 8.7 thousand!

The latest competition notice for the Municipal Health Department of Betim (SMS Betim), in the state of Minas Gerais, has already been published, announcing excellent news for health professionals looking for new opportunities. With a total of 1,341 vacancies available for secondary, technical and higher education levels, this competition promises to change the professional scenario in the health sector in the state.

Important competition details

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FUMARC, the body responsible for holding the competition, announced that the salaries of successful candidates range from R$1,345.00 to R$8,773.38, depending on the role and level of education required. It will be an exciting time for those looking for stability and professional growth in the healthcare field.

Key dates and registration information

For those interested, registration will be open starting June 3, extending until July 2, directly on the Fomark banking website. Registration fees range between R$ 80.00 and R$ 130.00, depending on the educational level of the position sought. Take advantage of this opportunity to ensure your participation.

How do you prepare for the competition?

  • Test Date: Scheduled 04/08.
  • to prepare: Start your studies as early as possible, focusing on the basic and specific topics that will be covered in the objective test.
  • organized: Create a study schedule that includes all subjects.

Available jobs and vacancies

The distribution of job vacancies covers a variety of positions, ranging from pharmacy assistants to doctors, specialists, nurses and technicians in various health fields and other specialties. The opportunity covers a wide range of professionals, making this competition one of the most anticipated competitions of the year in the health sector.

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An overview of the stages of the competition

The selection process for the SMS Betim competition consists of objective tests of an exclusionary and categorical nature, and for senior positions there is also a qualification test phase of a categorical nature. The objective test will range between 40 and 50 questions, depending on the position being competed for.

Final tips for candidates

Effective preparation requires more than just studying: it is necessary to understand the structure of the competition and the requirements of each stage. Pay attention to the calendar so as not to miss deadlines and prepare for both the objective test and the qualifications test, if you are applying for a higher-level job. The opportunity to join the Betim Municipal Health Department team could be the beginning of a rewarding professional career.

For more information, access the full notice on the FUMARC website and start preparing now. Good luck to all candidates!

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