Singer covers up his ex-wife’s face tattoo; See before and after

Singer covers up his ex-wife’s face tattoo;  See before and after

Mac Game It covered the tattoo that was on the girl’s face Lexa. On Tuesday, the singer posted a photo and video of the results of the operation on Instagram, which hid the face of his ex-wife, which he was carrying on his leg. See before and after below.

The tattoo was inked in February 2022 as a surprise for his partner. Ghimi said in a post on social media at the time: “Today I immortalized on my skin a person whom I have already immortalized in my soul and in my heart since I met her. This tattoo is a symbol of love and gratitude.

On the left, a covered tattoo of Lexa’s face, done on MacGwimmy’s leg. On the right, what the tattoo looked like in February 2022 filming: Clone / Instagram / @mcguime

Last September, the couple separated after a turbulent 2023. And in the month of March he rose He was fired from BBB 23 following accusations of sexual harassment against Mexican model Dania Mendes. Lexa condemned her husband’s behavior and broke up with him. After leaving the house, Gimme made a public and collective apology. The couple got back together in June.

After other disagreements, the two jointly announced their final separation on September 21, after eight years together, having married in 2018.

As for the relationship, the record that remained literally embedded in the skin was Guimê’s tattoo, which showed a smiling Lexa. Social media users even compared the singer to the character Harley Quinn – played by Margot Robbie in the cinema.

Now, much of the MC’s face has been covered by a printed cap, graphics have been included like carnival makeup and the crown Lexa was wearing has been replaced with a cap.

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In his Instagram post in which he showed the new design, Gimme did not clarify the details in the comments. He just praised the tattoo artist, saying the art was amazing and representative of the artist. It included only one hashtag: “#BoraPraProxima.”

Recently, Sandy and Lucas Lima too They got a couple tattoos shortly before the breakup. However, the design chosen was more discreet. Each of them has half a tree engraved on his arm. Side by side, the picture is complete.

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