Simon responds to a follower who asked why Simaria “lives without clothes”

Simon responds to a follower who asked why Simaria "lives without clothes"

Singer Simon Mendes, From the duo sertanejo with Sister SimariaA follower who questioned why “Cimaria always lives without clothes” replied, saying that she did not need to “show her body to the world”.

In the Instagram story, the singer confronted the netizen with humor:

“Hey people, we have to laugh. Whose life is this for? It’s everyone’s life, Migla. It’s her life, mine, and your life is yours. Everyone does what they want, Migla, in the name of Jesus. Shall I say you what you should do with your life or not, it’s Your life, you who belongs to the other person who wrote it. Simon

“You’re right, Migla, you really don’t have to. She explains why she likes him. And when you explain why she likes him, she thinks he’s beautiful, she feels good, happy, calm, it’s all right. Whoever he wants to show, and who he doesn’t hide, Isn’t that right, Migla?”

In another story, the Certanega He replied if Simaria’s husband, the Spanish businessman Vicente Escrigue, was jealous of his wife: “Don’t be, Migla, he is calm and calm. One day I said: Miglo, how do you wear the pictures of Simaria in a bikini?” “It’s beautiful and it should be shown, I’m photographing,” he said. do you believe? So, everything is under control, understand it well.”

On why she doesn’t “raise feelings” in her music videos, Simone said it was her husband. “Kaka won’t let you,” she said with a laugh. “Actually, I don’t know, I never asked, but I don’t think so.”

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