Silvio Santos “resurrects” JoJo and Gloria Maria with a late Carnival surprise · TV News

Silvio Santos “resurrects” JoJo and Gloria Maria with a late Carnival surprise · TV News

Silvio Santos prepared one of those surprises for the SBT audience on Saturday night (17). The broadcast of the SBT Brasil news program ended early and made way for the carnival procession held by the traditional samba school in Rio de Janeiro in 2001, with the telecommunications mogul and businessman being honored.

The association's passage through the Marquis de Sabucay brought back to television personalities who were no longer with us, such as Gogo Liberato (1959-2019) and Hebe Camargo (1929-2012). Since SBT used Globo's original broadcast (with credit “images da internet”), the event was narrated by Cléber Machado and Gloria María, who had died just over a year ago.

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Silvio Santos panics and demands it SBT Restart procession “From the traditional Samba school that honored him in 2001,” Diego Santana joked. Alert: The phone rang! Apparently, Silvio Santos called SBTrequested the termination of SBT Brasil earlier and ordered the offer to be repeated procession The tradition in 2001. The show bears the Globo logo,” noted the Ligado na TV profile.

“I howled that SBT Appears out of nowhere procession “From the 2001 tradition with good quality,” said Luis Felipe. SBT Which passes procession “The 2001 tradition in honor of Silvio Santos is now complete?”, wrote Felipe Santos on the social network.

“from nothing SBT The newspaper stopped broadcasting for its broadcast procession A tradition from 2000 and a Silvio themed ball. Details in image quality (laughs). It's so good to be Brazilian! Silviao must have been excited to watch the carnival this year and remember, But wait“, joked Paolo Lescott.

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There were also those who were confused by the change in programming. “I've thoughtprocession The samba school tradition that paid tribute to Silvio was the subject of SBT Brazil, but no. It's a rebootprocession From Globo itself, from 2001, with the watermark and everything. With narration by Gloria Maria and Cléber Machado. “Shocked!”, posted Thiago Marquez.

“What is it SBT Passing now procession “Carnival tradition that honors Silvio Santos, and pirates the image of Globo on the caruda?”, asked Rodrigo Santos. “I can't believe it with SBT an offer procession Who paid tribute to Silvio Santos in 2001 with a VHS image,” noted Jalalber Duarte.

“Silvio Santos can simply turn on YouTube to remember what happened procession “He imitated it in 2001,” said Daniel Ferreira. “But he went there, got pictures taken from YouTube on the spot, with the Globo logo, broadcast it and everything, and ordered it to be broadcast on national television with absolutely nothing.”

When contacted, SBT did not respond to the report’s questions about the surprise exhibition until the completion of this text. If you do this, it will be updated.

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