Silvio Santos and Fausto Silva off TV – impossible to miss – Prisma

Silvio Santos and Fausto Silva off TV – impossible to miss – Prisma

It is impossible not to feel the absence of Silvio Santos and Fausto Silva on television
Lorival Ribeiro/SBT and Disclosure/Band

At about the same time, and on very close occasions, television ceased to have two of its most expressive characters, Silvio Santos and Fausto Silva, whom viewers had been accustomed to finding on Sunday afternoon/evenings for decades.

Um, SS, everything indicates, emphatically. He left quietly, without announcing his retirement, but he never returned and has been so since September 2022, when he recorded his program for the last time.

The other is Fausto, because after fulfilling his commitment to the band, for reasons known to everyone, he was forced to leave. But everything indicates that his return is just a matter of time or how long he still needs to fully recover.

It is clear that television has not stopped because of this, thanks to the solutions that have been found, but it is impossible to deny or pretend that everything is fine and that its absences have already been fully absorbed. of course not.

The saying that no one is indispensable may not apply here or raise controversy. When it comes to these two, what they always stand for, it's very difficult to get used to what they do or not miss it.

Nine o'clock series

Globo recorded João Emanuel Carneiro's next TV series “Mania de Você” replacing “Renascer” at 9 p.m.

Now, wait for the deadline to file the opposition, and only then, if necessary, move to Plan B.

By the way

There was a time when all Globo series started in other countries. At that time, Europe was a party. They even found a way to get there in Japan. There is a lot more work and greater expense to use the material only in the first few chapters.

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Now, “Mania de Você”, directed by João Emanuel Carneiro, has been allowed to record scenes in Portugal.


There's nothing against doing outside work here, because there are situations that are necessary, technically speaking, and even because the plot itself demands it.

In the past, what existed was a certain amount of coercion, to the point where they no longer allowed it anymore.

Carolina Dieckmann said goodbye to the doctor. Roberto


In the gardens of Estúdios Globo there is a statue of Dr. Roberto Marinho. Last week, when she arrived at É de Casa, Galvão Bueno stopped the carriage nearby to say hello.

Now that Globo has left, Karolina Dieckmann posted a photo saying goodbye to the doctor. Roberto.

Unpublished hat

On SBT, after holidays and reruns, its programming is slowly returning with new attractions. In fact, there was an order to that effect.

This Saturday, for example, Raul Gil will welcome Sylvia Abravanel to the hat table.


The Record press in Rio celebrates January's results.

The end of the month showed a very important audience growth for “RJ no Ar”, “Balanço Geral – RJ”, “Cidade Alerta – Rio” and “Rio Bom Dia+”.

Get another one

The “Serambi Case”, as the murders of young María Eduardo Dorado and Tarcila Gusmão became known in 2003, is recounted in the sixth episode of the program “Doc Investigação”, which will be available on PlayPlus on Sunday.

Report from Thais Furlan, who went to the coast of Pernambuco, where it all happened.

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Rodrigo Carelli is Record's reality director

for work

Record's reality team, under the leadership of Rodrigo Carelli, has already begun to participate in the preparations for the film “A Grande Conquista”.

Registration has already been opened for those interested and the format will be the same as the previous edition, between the villa and the palace, 20 participants will be selected. The Itapecerica da Serra facility is closed for renovations.

It's not there

“BBB” has its problems and situations that don't always go the way they should, but things need to be kept apart.

There is no reason to hold Tadeo Schmidt responsible for any of this. For him, everything is fine. It is presented in the best way possible.


Alessandra Poggi's synopsis has been approved by Globo and can now be announced as an alternative to “No Rancho Fundo”, at 6 p.m.

Menstruation conspiracy, as it promises to be a habit at this time from now on.


Miguel Falabella, center, is known as someone completely dedicated to his work. It was like this his entire time at Globo.

Now, outside, it remains the same. For example, the film “Querido Mundo”, directed and co-directed by Malu Galli, Eduardo Moscovics, Marcelo Novas and Daniel Wentz, has just begun filming.

Nadia Haddad will drive the SBT Folia

From Syrian pounds

This year, unlike previous years, SBT Folia will be anchored from São Paulo, from Anhanguera studios throughout Brazil. Show Nadia Haddad and Juliana Oliveira.

Leo Dias, Priscilla Borges and Isabella Antes participate in Rio de Janeiro, Leo Sampaio in Salvador, Rodrigo de Luna and Jorima Fox report in Recife and Bosco Barroso in Fortaleza.

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Pat – opponent

• This Sunday, SBT will broadcast the match between Vasco and Flamengo, starting at 6:45 p.m., known as a classic for millions…

• …but only for Rio and part of the network. A novel by Tio José with the participation of Vinny Casagrande, Nadine Bastos and Lucas Pedrosa.

• “Os Farofeiros 2” has been confirmed to be shown on March 7…

• …In the cast, Daniel Wentz, Cacao Protasio, Nilton Picudo, Allen Campos, and Mauricio Manfrini. Directed by Roberto Santucci.

• This Saturday, at 5 p.m., TV Cultura broadcasts the final of the Super 8 Basketball Cup, Flamengo and Unifacisa, with Gil Arruda narrating and Kadom commentating.

• “He who cannot shake himself” is the title of the new program by Fernanda Paes Lemi and Giovanna Eubank on GNT…

• … will apparently follow the hit podcast “Quem Pode, Pod” by the same two. Premiering in April.

• Pre-Carnival in “Altas Horas”, by Serginio Grossman, this Saturday, on Globo. Guests include: Diego Nogueira, Gloria Groff, Diego Martinez, Milton Cunha and Fava de Belem, after “BBB”.

• At an important meeting of the São Paulo Football Federation, last week, the possibility of a union between the Libre League and Futebol Forte was widely raised…

• …The idea is to allow negotiations on broadcasting rights to progress only when this unit is established.

• With eye-catching advance notice, Netflix has already delivered the full schedule of films and series for 2024…

• …The final season of “Cobra Kai,” one of the most anticipated seasons, is part of the list.

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