'Silent Hill 2' remake disappoints netizens with trailer; look

'Silent Hill 2' remake disappoints netizens with trailer;  look

On Wednesday the 31st, the State of Play was held. During the event, Konami, the famous electronic game developer, announced some new features for the game.silent hill“, a title that became a hit in the early 2000s and even became a movie.

However, the trailer released by the company received negative reviews from netizens, who were shocked by what they saw.

Considering that the gaming community's expectations were very high, many fans on social media pointed out errors in the materials provided.

In fact, there have been questions about the possibility that the product is still in its early stages of development.

Part of the audience suggested postponing the launch for a few years so that the problems found could be corrected.

The main complaint was due to the combat, which, according to interested audiences, was not satisfactory and needed more “weight and impact”.

The graphics were also attacked on the grounds that they needed further improvement.

Negative comments spread online

Official Game Trailer – Video: YouTube/PlayStation/Reproduction

many of Negative comments Go live with Konami, mainly on X (formerly Twitter).

Another questioning factor was the release of a trailer that was action-focused, but the game is a work of psychological horror.

Let's take a look at other opinions from fans who were disappointed by the content released by the developer:

“In 2007, 'Silent Hill' was handed over to a developer with a bad track record. In 2012, Silent Hill was handed over to a developer with a bad track record. 'The year is '2024', and Silent Hill was handed over to a developer with a bad track record.” , says one netizen.

They turned Silent Hill 2 into a Resident Evil remake. I am crying”.

“SH2” [‘Silent Hill 2’] The original looked very good for its time. “The new version looks terrible.”

“The 'SH2' Remake was supposed to go in the opposite direction with its combat. If you're going RE [‘Resident Evil’], will be compared. “I have a feeling that 'SH2 Remake' will end up being a poor man's 'RE2', not as intense and satisfying, but with enough action to pull off the horror.”

The video in which the combat dynamics of “Silent Hill 2” is shown brings James Sunderland, the hero of the story, participates in several action scenes, fights with fists and uses firearms. The excerpt also shows elements of the area's environment and enemies.

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The remake is still in development for PlayStation 5 and does not have a release date.

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