Sheila Melo reveals her diagnosis after being hospitalized

Sheila Melo reveals her diagnosis after being hospitalized

Dancer Sheila Milo told her followers on social media that she ended up in the hospital after feeling severe shortness of breath.

Sheila Milo He took to social media on Sunday the 16th to say he had to go to hospital after developing a cough and shortness of breath.

Through Instagram Stories, the dancer posted a photo of herself at the Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital in Sao Paulo. She later recorded a video to reveal her pneumonia diagnosis.

“I had a persistent cough for two weeks. I was fine because I didn't have a fever, but that night I was so short of breath, I couldn't sleep and I went to the hospital. Can you believe it was pneumonia?” ?”, He said. Sheila then left a warning to her followers. “The doctor said there's an epidemic. If you have a persistent dry cough, run.”“, said the artist.

The dancer also talked about the treatment that the doctor prescribed for her “Two antibiotics, but since it's a lot to begin with, nothing serious.”he added.

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Think about emotions

Later, Sheila Milo posted, on her Instagram page, a video clip talking about the importance of taking care of our emotions and bodies. “Sometimes, I want to say something here with you, but then I say: ‘Oh, nonsense! Why would I say this?’ But then things take a different course,” he began.

“I posted that I was there in the hospital and after the report that he had pneumonia and so on, there was a nurse who sent me a message saying how much, there really is this epidemic of pneumonia and also an epidemic of psychological problems. Then he complimented me on some of the posts that I was calling People to think about, 'Where do I want to go with this?'she continued.

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“In this meditation… we analyze the following: Symptoms in the body, but what about emotions? What are they trying to tell me? What are they expressing that has led to my body developing a health problem? Chronic stress, negative thoughts can weaken the immune system , making the body more susceptible to infection, so pay attention not only to your body's signals, but also to your feelings: I will take care of it properly.Complete.

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