She ignores her husband Ivete Sangalo in a new show

She ignores her husband Ivete Sangalo in a new show

Yvette Sangalo dominates the open and closed TV. This Tuesday (27th), Bahian greeted in good music, a musical attraction by Multishow (Globosat) many distinguished guests. Marie Antunes, Gloria Grove, Eva Panda, and Lexa shared the stage straight from Salvador with the singer.

Anitta, Thiaguinho, and IZA have already led the previous seasons of the attraction, mixing different tunes. What fans of the singer, and not Yvette Sangalo, expected is that the husband of celebrity Daniel Cady is ignoring the unprecedented program with a heavyweight. While Ivete performed on stage MultichoiceShowing his charisma and talent, the nutritionist was livestreaming on his Instagram profile.

Daniel Cady interviews ecologist Mario Mantovani on a live broadcast about reforestation of the Atlantic Forest. What the nutritionist didn’t realize was that even talking about an important topic, he was sharing the spotlight with the singer. Ivete Sangalo deserves the attention of her husband, in fact, the program shown every Tuesday is always unprecedented and has different groups or singers to offer a special mix to the audience.

One follower commented: “I lost it today, I want to watch it all later”Commenting on the live broadcast of Cady’s awareness. While Ivete Sangalo shines on TV, former BBB20 sister Marie Gonzalez and Gominho take over the online version of Música Boa and interact on stage with the singer.

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On Globo, Ivete Sangalo presents the Brazilian version of the talent show The Masked Singer. The masked Brazilian singer debuted on August 10th and is counting on digital influencer and former BBB21 sister Camila de Lucas, who supports the presenter as co-host.

On the program’s first call, Veveta already gave a wing: “Guys, look what I found. The boot. And it’s up to date, OK? Are we going to have a player pick?” The Masked Singer Brasil is a music competition where celebrities will perform big in costumes. It is precisely the fun of attraction, trying to find out who is behind the imagination, whether it is an athlete, presenter, comedian, actor or even singer.

If the celebrity’s identity is revealed, they are out of contention, and they have to keep the lid on until the show is over. The Multishow channel will also be broadcasting the talent show with Ivete Sangalo in charge. The launch in Brazil promises to entice the audience with lights, colours, choreography and performances by guest artists who always surprise.

The Masked Singer has been a hit in more than 40 countries. In the Globo screen call, Ivete Sangalo plays a spy and shows the cuteness behind the scenes: “The cool thing about the show is finding out who is behind the beautiful masks. And I, who am not silly or anything, will try to find something here.”

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