Shacks fail, Power Couple sets negative record in latest TV News extension

Shacks fail, Power Couple sets negative record in latest TV News extension

with the Eliminate Bruno and Michele BassaPower Couple Brasil scored just 4.7 points on average on Thursday (30). This was Record’s worst reality show performance that day of the week this season. The program was distinguished by Live cottage between Mosonzinho and Hudson NearyHadpala.

Due to expire on July 14, two weeks from now, the current version of strong couple It is the least watched in history. Yesterday, it lost allure again to SBT, which aired Programa do Ratinho (with an average of 5.9) and A Praça É Nossa (with an average of 6.0) in the range.

In a live broadcast of the program presented by Adriane Galisteu, Mosonzinho and Hadbala start exchanging offenses They shout after the ex BBB gets away with leaving the house. “Bondao,” Hudson yelled, they met head-on and almost attacked each other.

Check out Globo, Record and SBT fans in Greater Sao Paulo on Thursday, June 30, 2022:

Globo’s average audience on 6/30/2022 (7am / 0am): 14.0
Globo Programs court session
Good morning Sao Paulo 8.4
Good morning Brazil 8.4
More than you 6.9
An interview with Fatima Bernards 6.7
SP1 9.2
Globe Sports 9.7
today’s newspaper 10.5
Carnations and roses 14.0
Afternoon session: Welcome to life 11.5
Favorite 15.0
behind the illusion 19.3
SP2 22.0
face and courage 21.4
National Magazine 24.6
wet land 30.8
On the edge 16.2
good doctor 8.4
Globo newspaper 6.8
Conversation with Biel 5.0
Face and Courage (Re) 4.1
Comedy at Dawn: Vai que Cola 3.7
hour 1 4.6
Average attendance record as of 6/30/2022 (7:00 AM): 5.0
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recording software court session
Morning general balance (average from 5:00 a.m. to 8:35 a.m.) 2.2
SP General Balance (7:00-8:35 a.m.) 3.4
speak brazil 3.3
Nowadays 3.2
JR 24 hours (AM) 2.5
general balance 5.6
fire of life 3.8
24 hours (afternoon 1) 3.3
City alert 6.8
24 hours (afternoon 2) 3.6
journal record 8.1
All the girls in me 4.5
Unequal love 3.8
Brazil Power Couple 6 4.7
JR 24 Hours (Dawn) 2.5
Speak, I hear you 1.2
love school 0.7
The average SBT audience on 6/30/2022 (7:00 AM): 4.4
SBT . Software court session
Effect 1 2.5
Effect 1 2.9
circular 3.6
emerald 4.2
family issues 3.2
chat 3.7
Beware of the angel 5.1
Tomorrow forever 6.3
SBT Brazil 6.3
Polyana Mocha 6.8
the angel’s face 5.8
mouse software 5.9
the box is ours 6.0
the night 4.1
mosque operation 2.6
Whoever has not seen it will see 2.1
reporter contact 2.1
SBT Brazil (Replay) 2.2

Source: the announcers

Each point is equivalent to 74,666 households in the Greater SP

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