Seventh-day mass by Paolo Gustavo will be erased by Regina Cassia, Christ the Redeemer and sing songs by Dia Lucia and the choir

Seventh-day mass by Paolo Gustavo will be erased by Regina Cassia, Christ the Redeemer and sing songs by Dia Lucia and the choir

The seventh-day mass of Paolo Gustavo at the Cristo Redentor, celebrated by parents Omar, Gurgau and João Damascino, starting at 6:30 pm, will have readings from family and friends, such as Regina Casey and Susanna Garcia, and special songs performed by Déa Lúcia (it is the occasion of “magic” ), By Sacred Music Choir Bienias & Prim, by soprano Flávia Correia and singer Mariah Nala (with her, it became Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts”). At the end of the Mass, Christ will be erased in honor of the Covid-19 victims.

And the ceremony is closed to the actor’s most intimate circle and that He passed away last week, it will be Live broadcast by Multishow, With an open reference to non-subscribers on Globoplay. The family issued a statement about the ceremony:

Paulo Gustavo and Regina Casey Photo: Instagram

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For all the expressions of affection they received, the artist’s family members will share the final tribute with fans and fans interested in bidding farewell, after remote and guarded transmission, via Multishow Channel, from 6:30 pm (Brasilia time) on that occasion, the Multishow tag will be on Globoplay Mais Canais Open, and even those who are not subscribed to the platform will be able to follow up on the farewell. The seventh-day mass of the actor will be celebrated by the Dean of the Shrine of Christ the Redeemer, Father Omar, at the shrine of Christ the Redeemer of the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro. The celebration will follow international standards against Coronavirus, Rio de Janeiro diocese rules and health monitoring. In the mass, which is restricted to the artist’s relatives and close friends, the actor and all the victims of Covid-19 will be honored.

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Sister Dulce

Paolo Gustavo, a lover of Sister Dolce and a benefactor of the Santa Dolce dos Pobres Shrine, won a Mass in his honor last Monday. A photo of him will be on display until May 13 in the Chapel of Relex, which houses the remains of Anjou Bom de Brasil.

Paulo Gustavo was the artist of joy. He has employed the smile of God in us. Saint Francis, 800 years ago, was the poet of joy, the man who sang the joys of the Lord. And Santa Dulce, with an accordion, rejoices in the lives of his children. Make the poor life happy. “Artists are in Heaven”, said the dean of the sanctuary, the monk Giovanni Messias, who celebrated the mass.

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