SERASA makes radical changes and reaches even those who have no debt

SERASA makes radical changes and reaches even those who have no debt

Radical change in SERASA hits consumers hard; You need to stay on top

Hey Sirasa It is one of the most famous references when it comes to credit assessment and financial history in Brazil. Recently, the institution announced a radical change that will affect all Brazilians, including those without debt.

This change has the potential to Giving consumers much greater control over their financial history and credit scores, with significant implications for access to financial services.

This transformation, which brings ‘version 3.0’ of SERASA Score, aims to provide greater independence to consumers, allowing them to share banking data to build their own credit history. Check out more details!

Stay tuned for changes to SERASA (Image: Internet)

Greater control over your score

The main new feature in Score 3.0 is Possibility of establishing a banking connection. This means that consumers can share detailed information about their bank accounts, such as available balances, investments and overdraft history.

Availability of this information More accurate and individual analysis of all financial transactionsbeing especially valuable for people with a limited credit history or for those just starting out in their financial lives.

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When you choose version 3.0, Consumers can control their own points and customize them according to their financial reality. This, in turn, can have a significant impact on the evaluation companies make when granting credit.

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From August, consumers throughout Brazil will have the possibility to allow banking connection in version 3.0 of Serasa Score. This update can be easily accessed on the Serasa website, with no cost associated with contacting partner organizations.

To date, companies offering this connection include: Nubank, Santander, Banco do Brasil, Itao, Cecube and Bradesco (The full list can be viewed on the website).

SERASA version 3.0: Increase or maintain your score?

Stay tuned for changes in SERASA results (Image: Internet)
Stay tuned for changes in SERASA results (Image: Internet)

The new points calculation takes into account information such as current account statement, salary, income, credit card history, limit, financing and other contractual services. Version 3.0 has the potential to raise or at least maintain consumer scores.

However, it is important to note that, depending on each consumer’s financial management, the result may fluctuate over time, even after banking. This means that Serasa Score can increase or decrease based on financial behavior.

Score 3.0 can be an important differentiator, Especially for Brazilians who are starting their financial journey, such as young people, or for people with a perfect payment history, but with little credit utilization.

Amanda CastroBy allowing banking connectivity, Serasa gains a deeper understanding of each consumer’s financial behavior, explained the Director of Serasa Score.

If a consumer is just starting out in their financial life or does not have a credit history, the score may not exactly reflect their reality. By enabling connected banking, we allow Brazilians to directly provide information that can improve their scores and facilitate access to credit.It is to explain.

According to her, this can lead to a more accurate assessment of financial health, thus positively influencing the score and giving more power to the consumer.

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