Seoul resumes broadcasting anti-North Korea propaganda

Seoul resumes broadcasting anti-North Korea propaganda

The country will return to broadcasting over loudspeakers in border areas; The action is a reaction to sending balloons with garbage

On Sunday (June 9, 2024), South Korea resumed loudspeaker broadcasts with anti-North Korea propaganda in border areas with the neighboring country. Information quoted from the news agency News agency.

After Seoul resumed broadcasting over loudspeakers, Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said the measure had created chaos. “A precursor to a very dangerous situation.” It was announced that South Korea will have “new answer” If it continues with the transmission.

The appeal comes in response to North Korea sending balloons filled with garbage and feces. The country sent out the balloons again on Saturday (June 8).

This is not the first time the North Koreans have done this. However, the country's government announced on June 2 that it would halt shipments. This weekend's action will be a reaction to South Korean activists' decision to send balloons to the neighboring country containing articles on K-pop music, US$1 bills and leaflets against Kim Jong Un.

Understand the issue

On May 29, North Korea sent more than 150 balloons laden with feces and garbage to South Korea, in response to leaflets sent by South Korean activists, also in balloons, to North Korean territory, including leaflets criticizing Kim Jong-un's regime and his party. Memory cards with K-pop music videos.

South Korea then decided to suspend the military agreement signed with North Korea. Sending balloons filled with feces and garbage was interpreted as a violation of the mutual trust necessary to maintain the treaty. Its suspension will allow the South Koreans to resume military exercises near the border and broadcast propaganda via loudspeakers to the North.

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