Sekiro: Full player blindfolded fast racing

Imagem de: Sekiro: jogador completa speedrun de olhos vendados

Sekiro: Shadows die twice It honors FromSoftware’s gaming traditions and offers a high level of challenge, which naturally makes it a very interesting option for fast runners. but the mitchries streamer He went further and decided to complete the game blindfolded!

In a marathon of four hours, 35 minutes and 13 seconds, the player managed to reach the final of the Shura. How can you Check out this clip from Twitch. The coolest thing is the way he can play based on sound alone, almost like in real life Daredevil!

Of course, his flight wasn’t perfect and he ended up falling through some gaps, forcing him back to the checkpoints to trace the routes he had already saved, but that doesn’t make the feat any less impressive. According to the player, he needed to train for over a month to achieve this feat!

In addition to needing to count his steps and have a perfect memory, he would sometimes strike his sword against the surrounding stones to see if it was safe to walk. The bosses were a little more relaxed, as most of them were making noises before attacking or when they were moving.

Michris continues to broadcast and train to improve his blindfold time, so let’s look at his career with great interest! And you, did you manage to finish the game or run fast? what do you think of Axe? Comment below!

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