Seguros Unimed is covering 113 million BRL in Covid-19 related compensation

Seguros Unimed is covering 113 million BRL in Covid-19 related compensation
Hilton Freitas

In one year, 8,600 insured people or their families were covered by private life and temporary income insurance coverage, in confirmed cases of Covid-19, Unimed insurance. Of that total, 75% are frontline physicians who have had to leave their activities or have died because of them Covid-19. According to the insurance company, confirmed damages, as of April 2021, exceed R $ 113 million.

Unimed is the world’s largest cooperative health system, consisting of 343 health cooperatives, with the help of nearly 17 million beneficiaries across the country. According to CEO of the insurance company, Helton Freitas, the protection and safety of these professionals is of primary importance, especially at such a difficult time for society which demands many health professionals, who are constantly exposed to the risks of pollution and overwork trips.

“For Seguros Unimed, going through this difficult period has made the commitment to take care of the things that matter most to our customers stronger: life, the safety of your family, and the protection of the future,” says Freitas. Still, he says, “This commitment is even more important when we take care of those who care for people. We are on the side of the doctors in this epidemic, and we protect those who fill us with the hope that we will overcome this crisis.”

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