See What changes are in salaries for CLT workers after the start of MP 936

On April 18, President Jair Bolsonaro signed Two temporary measures, Which they ended up in Make business rules more flexible To help companies cope with the epidemic caused by the new Coronavirus. One of these is the MP 936, which it grounds new Emergency Employment and Income Preservation (BEm) Program.

Find out about the changes in salary for CLT workers after the start of MP 936 (Photo: Filipe Frazao / Getty Images)

The program allows, through an agreement with the workers, to b Reducing wages Or the suspension of the employment contract.

These measures are similar to those applied last year with the MP 936, and are valid for 120 days.

It could be a reduction in working hours and wages 25%, 50% or 70%. The period of initiatives may be extended by a law of the executive authority.

As for the second procedure, it includes several rules for remote work, vacations and deferral of payment FGTS.

Businessmen were demanding these measures in order to preserve the number of employees.

Reducing wages and working hours

In cases of reduced working hours and wages, or suspension of the contract, these workers receive monthly compensation.

This compensation will refer to Part of unemployment insurance The employee has the right if he is fired.

Therefore, whoever receives a salary reduction of 25%, 50% or 75% will receive respectively 24%, 50% or 75%. Unemployment insurance.

This benefit is paid to the employee regardless of length of service, length of service, or number of wages received.

Despite this, certain requirements must be observed, such as maintaining hourly wages, and the individual written agreement between the employer and the employee.

The possibility of temporary suspension of the employment contract for a maximum period of 120 days is also expected, by written agreement.

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During this period, the employee continues to be entitled to all benefits he has already obtained, in addition to “temporary guarantee in employment during the agreed period and after reestablishing the day or closing the suspension, for the same period.”

Last year around 1.5 million Employers have entered into temporary agreements on these forms, with approx 9.8 million From workers they will receive it.

This year the government expects to conclude about 5 million agreements between employees and businessmen.

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