See the cities with the best annular solar eclipse viewing in MA | Maranhão

See the cities with the best annular solar eclipse viewing in MA |  Maranhão

Areas of Maranhão where the annular eclipse can be best seen for 2023. The closer to the blue line, the darker the sun – Photo: Reproduction/Xavier M.Jubier

The best cities to observe the eclipse are those located in the center of the “Ring of Fire” viewing range, that is, cities where it will be possible to see the entire annular eclipse. As you can see on the map below, Maranhão has a large portion of the south-central region covered by the red zone, which is considered the best for visibility.

The map with the ‘path’ of the annular solar eclipse shows that João Pessoa and Natal are the two best capitals to view this phenomenon, but São Luis will also be able to see it – Image: Reproduction/Solarium

Areas above or below the red band will still be able to see the eclipse, but the Moon will cover a smaller portion of the Sun. However, in the “Ring of Fire” range, the Moon will be more central to the Sun, creating a “ring” of light around it. This is why the eclipse is called “annular”.

Opening hours and best locations in MA

In Brazil, according to Brasilia time, the eclipse is scheduled to begin around three in the afternoon and continue until six in the evening. Within this range, Maranhão will be able to see this phenomenon in different bands of sunlight.

The south-central region of the state is the “sun” region and some cities will be almost completely blocked from the sun. This is the case in São Pedro dos Krentes and Porterana, which will be the municipalities with the best location for viewing the eclipse in Maranhão. In these areas, the Moon will cover the Sun approximately 90%, leaving an almost complete sense of “day turning into night.”

The dashed line shows the area where it would be possible to see the Sun with almost 100% coverage. São Pedro dos Krentes in an ideal location — Photo: Reproduction/Time & History

“In São Luis, 80% of the Moon’s shadow will be on the Sun. We will wait at Praça Maria Aragão, where we will provide special filters. The phenomenon is scheduled to start at 3:14 p.m. and will reach maximum darkness at 4: Physics professor Antonio said. Oliveira, coordinator of Ilha da Ciência-Planetário, at the Federal University of Maranhão: “At 14 p.m.”

See below the list of several cities where the eclipse can be seen with greater coverage of the Sun, in cities in all areas of MA.

Best cities in Maranhão to observe the eclipse

city Cover the sun
Saint Peter the Faithful 88.98%
puereterana 88.98%
Vieira Nova do Maranhão 88.9%
Nogueiras Castle 88.9%
(Sao Domingos do Azitao). 88.9%
Loreto 88.9%
ferries 88.9%
Carolina 88.9%
Riachao 88.9%
Sambaeba 88.9%
Saint John of Paradise 88.9%
Good pastures 88.8%
Formosa da Serra Negra 88.8%
Paraiba 88.8%
Sao Joao dos Patos 88.8%
New York 88.8%
Sao Felix de Balsas 88.8%
Point of view 88.8%
Grajao 88.8%
Empress 88.6%
Timon 87.3%
Caxias 86.6%
Bakabal 84.8%
Santa Ines 83.1%
Chapadinha 83.1%
Barreirinhas 80.1%
Saint Louis 79.5%

The moon passes between the sun and the Earth during an annular solar eclipse in Abu Dhabi – Photography: Reuters/Christopher Pike

An annular solar eclipse occurs after the Sun, Moon, and Earth align. The moon passes between the sun and the planet, just as it happens in a total solar eclipse.

In the case of the upcoming annular solar eclipse, the time at which it can be seen in each city will vary due to the movement of the stars and also the geography of each location.

In Amazonas state, the event starts early. In this case in the Northern State, from 1:09 PM (local time), the entire “Ring of Fire” will be visible at 2:55 PM.

The Moon passes between the Sun and Earth during an annular solar eclipse seen from Singapore – Photograph: Reuters/Tim Chung

How to observe the eclipse safely

There are several ways in which public safety can be ensured when observing the eclipse. However, even with all the safety measures that can be adopted, it is necessary to take into account that looking at the sun for a long time, even during the phenomenon, can cause irreparable damage to your vision.

One of the most recommended pieces of equipment for those who want to observe the eclipse are special protective glasses, as they create a physical barrier between the rays coming from the Sun and the eye itself.

In addition, there is also the option of using specific filters in telescopes to view the phenomenon. It is worth noting that the type of filter must be suitable for astronomical observation and must also be of safe origin, as much of this equipment is sold through third parties.

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