See new Google Maps functionality using AI

See new Google Maps functionality using AI

Imagine if your mapping app started understanding you better than your best friend? Well, last Monday the 11th Google Maps I became smarter! Now, it has a series of updates that are used Artificial Intelligence (AI)almost like ChatGPT, but focused on helping you find your way around and discover new places out there.

Smart chat with your map

Now, you can simply chat with Google Maps. Want to know how to get to that famous bakery or the weather forecast for a walk in the park? Just ask out loud. The AI ​​will delve into Google Maps data to provide you with exactly what you need to know.

Tailored suggestions

It doesn't stop there! Mention your current plans or interests, and the app suggests places to explore. Are you looking for a new adventure or a cozy café? There are personalized suggestions to turn an ordinary day into endless discovery.

Leap into virtual reality (almost).

Have you ever thought about getting to know a place before you set foot there? With the third new feature, Google Maps takes you on a journey 3D ride To the desired destination. In addition, it provides the latest updates on passage And the weather, so you won't be surprised.

Expanded view with Lens in Maps

For those who live in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, there is another technological marvel: the “lens in maps.” Activate this function and your cell phone camera will display, in real time, an augmented reality of your surroundings. It's like there are magic glasses that tell stories about every corner of the city.

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The picture deserves more

Finally, you know when you're looking at a place and you want to make sure it's exactly what you envisioned? Google Maps now displays photos of locations instantly, chosen from millions of photos shared on the platform. This makes it easy to choose the perfect destination for your next trip.

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