See list of crimes attributed by Anna Hickman to Alexander Correa

See list of crimes attributed by Anna Hickman to Alexander Correa

Anna Hickman called the police on Tuesday (12/19) to report her ex-husband, Alexander Correa, on charges of obtaining forged documents, ideological lying, using forged documents, money laundering, criminal association, embezzlement, and crime against the popular economy. Information taken from Monica Bergamo, from Folha di San Paolo.

Investigation request against Alexander Correa This happens after Anna hires an auditor to check alleged irregularities in her company, in which management was involved with the businessman.

Experience would have shown that Alexander was the head of a real criminal operation, along with former employees of the spouses, employees of notary offices and even a bank. The businessman also made two donations worth R$200 million to himself.


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Alzenio , son of Anna Hickman and Alexander Correia

The expertise employed by Anna also points to irregularities such as forging the broadcaster’s signature on documents and even cheques. Alexander denies committing these crimes.

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