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Medrado no Casos de Familia

In addition to the frictions and disagreements that sparked a lot of talk on the Internet, Farm 2021 She also revealed that in the past, he ‘liked’ one of the co-hosts of a popular TV show: Fernanda Medrado in Casos de Familia.

Watch how Medrado was involved in family issues

On Record TV’s reality show, without even giving too many details, Fernanda Medrado told contestants that she actually took part in Casos de Família, one of SBT’s main afternoon shows, and admitted that she acted on a false story. Without many of the aesthetic procedures in use today, the rapper was one of the characters in a show with his theme “Women Don’t Like Men, Love Money”.

On the Christina Rocha show, Medrado argued with a fake friend, quarreled with his partner’s lover and even caused a scandal about hair extensions. Check out Medrado’s post on family issues:

Since nothing is a secret on the Internet, netizens also discovered that the person from version 13 of Fazenda also participated in the program led by João Kleber, on Rede TV, which has the same identity as SBT’s success: family feuds are revealed on stage. In Allure, Medrado took part in a story in which the fake friend revealed a surprising secret and, like the first, starred in a televised hut.

After the story fell on the tastes of fans on the networks, the information ended up on social networks and caught the attention of the team behind the official profile of Medrado. “She was young. Ever?” replied Gossip do Dia’s post.

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To set up the hut on TV, Medrado earned about R$150 per program.

The first week of Medrado on the farm

After making money at Casos de Família, Medrado threw himself into music, gained fame and participated in Power Couple Brasil – his first reality show. On the couple’s program, which was also presented by Adriane Galisteu, Medrado was the first to be eliminated.

At A Fazenda 2021, Medrado’s first week was very hectic: the girl had already won the zero KM car, gave a gay kiss at the party and fought with Diane for poorly reported gossip.

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