See a list of Metal Gear Solid trophies in Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1

See a list of Metal Gear Solid trophies in Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol.  1

As expected, Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Volume 1 We will have support for the Cup and now we have the leaked roster for the first title, lime hardened mineral, via Powerpix.

In total, the game features 19 trophies, most of which have to do with taking down bosses. Additionally, there are prizes associated with finishing the game with a FOX or Big Boss rating, as well as completing “VR Missions.”

List of awards in English


  • MGS Veteran Trophy: Unlock all trophies


  • Sniper Wolf (Second Encounter): Defeat Sniper Wolf again
  • Vulcan Raven: Defeat Vulcan Raven
  • Metal Gear Rex: Defeat Metal Gear Rex
  • Liquid snake: Defeat the Liquid Snake
  • Bandana acquired: Get a bandana
  • Invisible camouflage has been obtained: Get Invisibility Camouflage
  • Elite codename: Complete the game with FOX or BIG BOSS rank
  • Virtual Reality Training Expert: Complete all VR missions
  • Exorcist Photography: Removing a ghost image


  • Sniper Wolf: Defeat Sniper Wolf
  • Hind DThe defeat of Hind D
  • Hex Spy: Read all briefing files


  • Start the task: Start a new game
  • Wild cat pistol: Defeat Pistol Ocelot
  • M1 tank: Defeat an M1 tank
  • Ninja: Defeat the cyborg ninja
  • Psychological Mantis: Defeat the Psycho Mantis
  • Virtual reality training begins: Complete the VR mission

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