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Images of rat neurons in the nanoelectrode array (Photo: clone/samsung)

Company Scientists Samsung and university Harvard They want to build smarter computer chips. For this, they must use the famous “Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V” copy-and-paste technique – brain information in the memory network Three-dimensional.

According to the researchers, thisReverse Engineering“It could lead the chips to better simulate brains, with improved learning, adaptation, and even independence and cognition.

The idea is to copy a map of the brain’s neural wiring with an array of nanoelectrodes to record the electrical signals produced by neurons. The extracted map must be placed on a memory stick.

Scientists said in Study article.

“The vision we are presenting is very ambitious,” said Dr. Hamm, one of the research participants. Note from Samsung. “But work to achieve this goal will go beyond machine intelligence, neuroscience, and semiconductor technology,” he added.

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