Scientists discover an ancient forest inside a giant hole in China | Environment

Chinese scientists have discovered an ancient forest hidden inside a giant crater in southern Guangxi Province, researchers said Friday.

The site, which has been identified as a well-preserved primeval forest, may harbor several species still unknown to science, according to scientists.

Zhang Yuanhai, one of those responsible for the discovery, said in an interview with Xinhua that there are three large caves embedded in a mountain near Luxi City.

A forest in a hole in China – Photo: Courtesy Guangxi Expedition

Another researcher, Chen Lixin, who led an expedition to one of the structures, a large crater, said he found trees up to 40 meters high and dense vegetation.

The stream is located near the village of Ping’e and is 306 meters long, 150 meters wide and 192 meters deep.

To investigate the discovery more closely, expedition teams braved a descent of more than 100 meters and several hours of walking to reach the bottom of the well.

Xinhua reports that holes like these are known in Chinese as Tianqing (Heavenly Well), and have special geological features typical of highly eroded terrain.

besides ChinaSimilar formations are found in Mexico and Papua New Guinea.

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