Science claims that there are 4 personality types; What do you know

Science claims that there are 4 personality types;  What do you know

Have you ever wondered about your personality type? Science and psychology offer some types that may apply to you. paying off.

Human endowment Personal Unique and non-transferable. Each person has unique characteristics that reflect subjectivity, linked to their ability to feel, perceive, narrate, dialogue with, produce, and discover reality. However, there is an effort by professionals in psychologyand psychiatry and neuroscience to analyze some of the similarities between groups of individuals.

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Discover how the human psychological system works

One of the most effective ways to get answers about human actions is to enable systematically disciplined analytics. At Northwestern University in the city of Illinois in the United States, a group of researchers found at least 4 different personality groups. The findings have been released by the journal IFLScience, complementing knowledge that has already been recognized among psychologists.

Character traits are considered today

  • extroversion: Being outgoing and outgoing, with good public speaking skills, communicating with others and dispensing with loneliness.
  • Neuroticism They tend to have negative feelings, as well Thoughts They tend to get angry, anxious and sad.
  • Openness to experience: You’re not afraid to try new things, whether it’s relationships, jobs, or leisure activities.
  • living conscience: Cares about accuracy, responsibility and following all possible rules.
  • conjunction: More introspective, they end up agreeing with other people and don’t express their desires as much.

Now learn about the four personality types

  • middle: They balance neuroticism with extraversion, but are closed to experiences associated with emotions. It is a common personality type in which the individual displays some down-to-earth pessimism.
  • booked up: Pleasant and conscientious, they have a high level of emotional smartnessOrganize your life without difficulties. Responsible, restricting certain interactions and stimuli that might disturb their focus.
  • Template to follow: Born leaders, able to manage demands and delegate tasks, these people do not have neurotic traits.
  • SelfishThey are extroverts and are able to mix the characteristics of openness, kindness and conscientiousness, tend to give great importance to themselves, and value their own company.

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