Scalpers sells Steam Deck Reserve for up to $10,000 on eBay

Scalpers sells Steam Deck Reserve for up to $10,000 on eBay

Values ​​in riyals are about 50,000 BRL

after announcing steam surface On the fifteenth of this month, Reservation records It started the next day (16). The request was so large that a file Dedicated server For this fell and the The opportunists entered the scene. It can now be found العثور reservations steam deck online from From $800 to over $10,000 And the salespeople are the celebrities Brokers.

a valve It even tried to rein in potential speculators, at first, asking the account interested in making reservations to be part of the areas initially announced for availability, and making a purchase before June of this year, as well as charging a small five-dollar fee.

To make matters worse, after exploiters managed to invade Valve servers with reservations, people who were really interested in buying Steam Deck from December, before the rest of the world, were prevented from pre-purchasing on Steam, for a moment, after a few attempts, as is the case with the co-founder for Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland.

– Continues after announcement –

In a quick search for ebay, it is possible to find reservations with values ​​between about 3,500 R$ 50,000 R$. The values ​​are much higher than just a currency conversion. Some descriptions say “Waiting – Pre-order – Shipments December 2021” or “Steam Deck 512GB – Order confirmed” and “Reservation confirmed before general clearance”. These are ads from USA, Italy, Germany, Canada and UK.

according to Tom’s devicesDelivery deadlines are now Q2 2022 for 64GB and 256GB models and Q3 for 512GB models. Due to unexpectedly high demand by Valve, the terms had to be adjusted.

Valve explains on its Steam Deck page that it is working to start sending out purchase invites in December of this year. “We will do our best to convert all reservations into requests, but we cannot guarantee availability.” This goes against the December delivery guarantee promised by the vast majority of speculators’ ads.

– Continues after announcement –

ebay said Kotaku That all these ads will be removed, as it violates the site’s pre-sale policy. This rule ensures that all products announced prior to launch have a maximum 30-day shipping deadline. Remember that a reservation is nothing more than a “waiting list” to wait.

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