SBT announces Silvio Santos doll via Fandom Box

SBT announces Silvio Santos doll via Fandom Box

Hey SBT It recently announced a partnership with Fandom Box to release a doll of popular presenter Silvio Santos.

The official launch took place on the streaming platform during the conference CCXP 2023an event that stood out for its size.

The CCXP event took place between November 30 and December 3 and gave geek culture fans the opportunity to enjoy various experiences at the São Paulo Expo pavilion.

The featured item on the stand was the presenter’s doll, which became available to the public after the event.

SBT launches Silvio Santos doll at CCXP 23

Photo: Areavip/Reproduction

Fandom Box, from manufacturer Líder Brinquedos, celebrates the classics that have defined several generations, and pays homage to the magic of childhood.

In partnership with SBT, it will offer fans the opportunity to purchase an exclusive collection honoring the Brazilian television legend.

“We have an ongoing commitment to building not just products, but experiences that inspire and transform the fan experience. “We are taking to the world’s largest geek convention characters that encourage nostalgia trips, as well as paying well-deserved tribute to Brazilian characters, such as presenter Silvio Santos, who played Fundamental in the history of Brazilian television,” commented Marcelo Silva, Marketing Director of Leader Toys.

Born in 1930, Silvio Santos He built a distinguished career on Brazilian television, where he was recognized through entertainment programs, such as “Programa Silvio Santos”.

In addition to his work in television, Santos is a successful businessman, with projects in various sectors, including the Silvio Santos Group, which includes companies in areas such as telecommunications, retail and banking.

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His charismatic personality and unique style have made him a popular figure among Brazilian audiences over the decades.

Thanks to these unique characteristics, he became an iconic figure in history the television In Brazil, where he has played iconic shows and gained a legion of fans for decades.

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