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Satellite images show that the Chinese have built a model similar to the Chinese Air Force aircraft Japan in their defense system, according to a report published on the Nikkei Asia website on Tuesday (19).

The pictures are from a desert area near Xinjian.

It is believed that the area China Where the photo was taken is a special area controlled by the Chinese army.

The photo shows an aircraft-shaped structure, with two engines and a disk-shaped radar, which is a feature of a particular model of the Japanese Air Force aircraft.

Nikkei Asia’s website clone shows a satellite image that revealed a model building of an aircraft made in China – Image: Clone/Nikkei Asia

The Chinese model appears to be inspired by the Japan Air Force’s E-767, an aircraft made by Boeing. There are four aircraft in the world, and all of them are at an air base in Hamamatsu, according to information from the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

The aircraft has the ability to intercept other aircraft. In a hypothetical conflict situation, these models can be used to search for other aircraft in areas far from the clashes.

The Chinese military could use models like these as a way to simulate attacks on US Air Force aircraft. Japan With the missiles, according to a former high-ranking Japanese military official interviewed by the Nikkei Asia Index but requesting anonymity.

Pictures from Planet Labs Satellite Imaging Company. we.

In the Xinjiang desert was also filmed previously Large-scale model of an aircraft carrier ship American and a smaller American combat ship as well.

A flat structure that would lead to a military exercise in China, assembled in the middle of the desert in Xinjiang – Photo: Maxar Technologies via AP

The United States warned that in recent months China It rapidly expanded its military, including its nuclear capabilities, as tensions escalated in the South Sea China.

A satellite image shows what looks like a replica of a US ship built in the middle of China’s desert – Image: Maxar Technologies via AP

At the beginning of this year, China It was suspected of testing a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile – missiles that can fly in the atmosphere at more than five times the speed of sound – which has raised alarm in Washington.

The Chinese government later denied the allegations and said it was a routine examination.

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