São Paulo records an 80% increase in hospital admissions for dengue fever

São Paulo records an 80% increase in hospital admissions for dengue fever

In recent days, hospitals in São Paulo state have noticed a worrying increase in hospitalizations due to dengue fever. According to the Federation of Hospitals and Clinical Laboratories of São Paulo State (SindHosp), there has been an 80% increase in cases, and the most affected age group is 30 to 50 years old.

The number of urgent and emergency dengue cases is increasing

The SindHosp study also showed an 89% increase in cases of patients with suspected illness who sought emergency care in the last 15 days. The head of SindHosp, doctor Francisco Balestrin, warns of the rapid growth of the outbreak. According to him, the most effective control will be increased measures taken by health authorities to guide the population in controlling the spread of vector mosquitoes and direct anti-mosquito measures.

The majority of hospitalizations are in clinical beds

Among hospitalized patients, the vast majority are in beds. About 89% of hospitals did not record an increase in ICU admissions due to dengue fever. However, for those requiring ICU care, the average length of stay was four days.

SindHosp collected this data in 91 private hospitals in São Paulo state, from January 29 to February 7. The Federation continues to closely monitor the situation, in partnership with health authorities, to prevent the spread of dengue fever among the population of São Paulo.

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