São João del Rey Campus holds HallowIF this Saturday the 21st – IF SUDETE MG

São João del Rey Campus holds HallowIF this Saturday the 21st – IF SUDETE MG

As part of the activities for the second semester of 2023, IF Sudeste MG- Campus São João del-Rei presents on Saturday, October 21, a Halloween party with students from all disciplines

Is it trick or treating you’re talking about? As part of the activities of the second semester of 2023, IF Sudeste MG- Campus São João del-Rei implements, on the initiative of the students, And on Saturday, September 21, from 4:30 pm to 8 pm, there will be a scary activity such as games, sweets, and horror movies.

The second edition of HallowIF will be held. This event is an initiative of students of the High School’s integrated technical courses (Buildings/Environment) in partnership with students from the subject “Internal Orientation in Spanish 1”, taught by Professor Mauricio Carlos da Silva in the Bachelor’s course in Literature (Portuguese Spanish).

The Center for Languages ​​and Literacy (CELL), coordinated by Professor Janina de Assis Rufino, is also participating in this event.

Among the attractions, the following stand out: a screening of short horror films, a costume contest, a shared sweets and snacks table, a piñata and an “arcade altar”.

HallowIF will start at 4:30 p.m., at the Sports Arena in Campus São João del-Rei, which is located at Avenida Brasil, 333 – Vila São Paulo and is scheduled to close at 8 p.m.

According to Student Support Coordinator, Igor Seri, who also supports the activity, the event aims to create a space for emotional and cultural interactions and relationships at the school.

In this second edition, something new: in addition to the celebration of the traditional Halloween festival, a tradition inherited from the United Kingdom in English-speaking countries, there are references to “Dia de Los Muertos”, a traditional celebration of Mexican culture held at the same time, in the second From November, just as All Souls’ Day falls in Brazil.

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This event is aimed at students and staff, but community members are also welcome, and participants are invited to contribute to a shared dessert and snack table, and bring food and drinks to share and interact with others.

Show a short horror film

Students and teachers of the extension project “We and Art” at IF Sudeste MG- Campus São João del-Rei, together with students from the Integrated High School (Buildings/Environment) promote the October short film competition under the title “II Sacred If “”.

“Our short horror competition was born from the students’ own idea and creative aptitude as a way to contribute to the dissemination of cinematic language in our educational community. We believe that cinematic literacy expands and enriches cultural discussions involving diverse biases in our society,” says Professor Janina Rufino in the competition’s contact notice.

The competition also aims to promote greater integration of the educational community and ensure more spaces for creativity and independence for Hallow IF.

Participation criteria

Short films produced by students of integrated high school courses on the SJDR campus with original script and free nature will be accepted (as long as they cover the horror theme), and all types of horror are welcome, such as horror films, supernatural, psychological, found footage, among others.

Short films can be produced collectively or individually. Short films can be recorded in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Every “director” should be responsible for the production of his or her film.

Text: Igor Siri

Edited by: Juliana Rodriguez

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