Santos will protest in front of the Brazilian Football Confederation in favor of Andreas Pereira’s team Flamengo in the Brazil match.

Santos will protest in front of the Brazilian Football Confederation in favor of Andreas Pereira's team Flamengo in the Brazil match.

President SantosAndres Rueda, on request Anfisa punishment for Andreas Pereira for his participation in Flamengo’s 4-0 defeat against Santos, at Villa Belmiro., on August 28, by Brasileirão. The athlete even scored one of the goals of the Rio team in the match.

Andreas Pereira scored a goal in Flamengo’s win over Santos (Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamingo)

Photo: throw!

According to Santos hat, this Tuesday Pixie must present to the authorities his dissatisfaction with the player selection in the match.

– Due to the ethics of football, we have submitted a request to the CBF Lawyer’s Office to indicate this offense has already occurred. We will do that regardless of the outcome, but in a previous analysis we knew that the game would not be canceled or we would get points. It is a kind of unanimous legal position. I consulted other clubs that suffered from this situation, such as Fluminense and Grêmio. But regardless of the points, it is Santos’ duty to register dissatisfaction with what happened. It is done. No later than tomorrow we will submit this complaint to the Brazilian Confederation – President Andres Rueda said at a meeting of the Board of Deliberations on Monday.

According to an official statement from the agency, the player arrived in Brazil on August 20, and had to complete a 14-day quarantine after passing through the United Kingdom. The steering wheel did not meet the deadline. The Brazilian Football Confederation did not comment on the request until Saturday evening.

He also reported Anfisa Corinthians and the club were unable to use midfielder William on Sunday against Atlético-Go for the same reason.

But the Santos board does not believe that the points will be taken from Flamengo and transferred to Santos. The player can respond to civil and criminal actions.

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