Santos Dumont? NASA spits nonsense on Twitter as it honors flying on Mars

Santos Dumont?  NASA spits nonsense on Twitter as it honors flying on Mars

The announcement by NASA, the US space agency, of the name given to the field of the first creative flight on Mars was not without controversy. This is because they named it the “Wright Brothers Field” in honor of Orville E. Wilbur Wright, the brothers American Who were pioneers of aviation.

But there is historical nonsense about the fatherhood of the flying machine, as Brazil and most of the countries of the world attribute the invention of aircraft to Santos Dumont, The Brazilian is considered the father of aviation.

The creativity, carried to Mars by the Robot Perseverance, stayed in the air for less than a minute, and NASA celebrated this achievement as The first flight to another planet. The feat was called the “Wright Brothers’ True Moment” on the Space Mission’s Twitter site.

Brazilian and Brazilian netizens spoke of the comparison:

People remembered that the Wright Brothers ’invention needed an impetus to take off:

Someone said that the two brothers’ invention may have been a third or fourth fly:

They even found a flight analogy on Mars to justify the domain name:

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This controversy is likely to continue for centuries …

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