Santa Casa performs the first surgery to treat severe scoliosis monitored by SUS in São Carlos | Sao Carlos and Araraquara

Santa Casa performs the first surgery to treat severe scoliosis monitored by SUS in São Carlos |  Sao Carlos and Araraquara

X-rays show what the spine of a girl with severe scoliosis looked like before and after surgery in Santa Casa de Sao Carlos – Image: Santa Casa de Sao Carlos/Disclosure

Santa Casa de São Carlos (SP) performed acute scoliosis surgery that is neuromonitored for the first time by the Unified Health System (SUS). The operation was performed on a 12-year-old boy (whose identity she refused to disclose) on February 9.

“This is a world-famous technique, which we have already implemented in private services, but this is the first time in the public health system of São Carlos,” spine surgeon Danillo Vilela said.

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According to the doctor, scoliosis is a disorder of the curvature of the spine. In the case of this patient, it is a congenital scoliosis that has progressed throughout life.

“As it grew, this change in the curvature of the spine gradually increased and reached a significant level, causing significant deformity, limitations and impairment of movement,” he explained.

The patient’s mother reported that her daughter had been in severe pain for two years and could no longer perform certain activities. “It interfered with her physical activity and even going for a walk. She no longer had a sleeping position and complained that she was sleeping very badly.”

According to Philella, the operation helped prevent the progression of the disease, which could compromise the patient’s movement.

“Scoliosis can continue to progress and cause other secondary pathologies, for example, a predisposition to the formation of herniated discs, stenosis, weakness of the spinal cord and nerves. Over the years, this can begin to further affect movement and cause difficulty walking.”

A 12-year-old girl before and after surgery for severe scoliosis in Sao Carlos – Photo: Santa Casa de Sao Carlos/Disclosure


Since the surgery was performed on the spine, which is a very sensitive area, the medical team chose to use the intraoperative neuromonitoring technique, which consists of neuromonitoring the patient using electrodes throughout the surgery. In this way, any change in responses is analyzed by a neurophysiologist, who informs the surgeon so that measures can be taken, if necessary, that reduce the risk of sequelae.

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“We have full-time support in real time with her neurological condition and the function of her spinal cord, nerves and roots during her surgery. This, of course, reduces the risk of complications, because we are able to assess her neurological integrity at all times, explained dr. Danilo Vilela.

Quality of life restoration

One month after surgery, the patient was gradually released to resume some activities. “There has been an important improvement in her scoliosis. The goal is to rehabilitate her for a new life, with a corrected spine, without that significant kyphosis that was present,” explained Dr. Philella.

The girl’s mother reports that her daughter is very happy and no longer feels pain. “Her recovery has been excellent. The curvature that she had, today we look at her and see her straight. She puts on clothes and her body is improving. It’s a great joy,” he said.

After completing the post-operative recovery, it is expected that the daughter will be able to perform all activities compromised by the disease and have a better quality of life.

“She’s still recovering, but we’re already seeing the great benefits she’s already had in her life. I think she’ll be out soon and back in school to be able to do the physical activities she can no longer do. She’s also sleeping really well. So these are situations where we’re really seeing the result.” “, He said.

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