Sander Mecca is eliminated with great disapproval

Sander Mecca is eliminated with great disapproval

Photo: X/A Fazenda / Pipoca Moderna

Rocca’s “A Fazenda 15” was a farewell to another worker on Thursday (11/16). Sander Mecca was disqualified with an overall approval rating of just 6.32%, following the version’s trend of high disapproval. As a result, for the second week in a row, one participant returned home.

As a member of the Crias group, Sander became known more for being a home cook than making any contribution to the game, as he was eliminated in the hot seat with Lucas Souza and Marcia Fu.

On the live programme, Adriane Galisteu first released Lucas, who had led several polls during the day and was in very little danger of elimination. He came back screaming, “I didn’t cancel it.”

Marcia came in last place, and after refusing to reconcile with Sander hours earlier, she insisted on adopting the opposite position live on air, hugging the musician and wishing him success in life outside confinement. Her stay was a personal defeat for the expelled Rachel Scheherazade, who used the hashtag #ForaMarcia on social media.

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