Sander attacks Marcia Fu and criticizes Lucas’s relationship: “He’s a bit of a scoundrel” – A Fazenda 15

Sander attacks Marcia Fu and criticizes Lucas’s relationship: “He’s a bit of a scoundrel” – A Fazenda 15

Known as the reality chef, Sander Mecca He mastered bits of good humor and joy to “dine on” the pedestrians competing in Live from the judiciary! The seventh participant leaves Farm 15the musician recalled his biggest battles at HQ, commented on his opinion on pairs and explained his playing strategies.

The person who got the most fame in the chat led by Lucas Selfie was Marcia Fu, Sander’s biggest opponent. The former pawn said their relationship started good after she stopped insisting So that the food will be ready quicklyBut everything changed at Resta Um A former athlete saved Nadia instead of Simeone. “I thought it was terrible,” he chided, “he pretended to make a move.”

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But Sander did not imagine that the girl’s position would free him from Roca! A selfie revealed that Marcia asked the former biologist to save the musician, a news that made him laugh a lot. “Hey Marcia, I’m sorry then,” he joked in disbelief, later adding: “I didn’t even realize Marcia saved me.”

However, the former pawn rated his opponent as “the most venomous snake” and “as fake as a R$3 note”, but believes the audience admires her style. “If I’m watching it, I’ll catch it. Crazy, it looks like a crow,” he said.

Throughout the game, Sander had a path Coming and going with Grupo dos Crias. He admitted that he initially felt excluded from the rest of headquarters and was not liked by his allies. The feeling changed about three weeks ago. “So much so that we started dragging on Resta Um,” he noted, criticizing the way he handles the reality show. “The great truth is that the game is individual. I’ll do a lot of different things.”

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The musician also explained the reason behind the many meals prepared by his talented hands: Contrary to what many people think, it was not about strategy, but about fun and the desire to escape from other tasks, such as taking care of animals. However, he does not hide the fact that after he became responsible for the sheep, he started playing for real. “At first I was insecure, and I didn’t know what to do without stopping being myself,” he admitted.

Sander said, without cutting his tongue, that he was sorry for what happened Callie because she thinks she’s “crazy” about lions And not seeing the pawn respond. “He’s lying in bed with her, but nothing happens. I think this is wrong.” on condition that it Lucas They also don’t make the best couple in his opinion. “He’s a bit of a rogue. He’s, I don’t know…enjoying the wave, enjoying himself.”

The former pawn also wasn’t afraid of criticism KaliHe complained about parking Nadia He remembered the details of his story of overcoming.

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From cooking to the scary chair: remember Sander’s path

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