Samsung Galaxy S23 FE outperforms the iPhone 13 and dazzles in DxOMark’s camera test

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE outperforms the iPhone 13 and dazzles in DxOMark’s camera test

The Galaxy S23 FE has already been analyzed by TudoCelular, proving that it is a good value for money option. Now he has finally tested the cameras in the DxOMark laboratory, one of the most demanding laboratories in the world. Now look what the results were.

Speaking of the score, the Galaxy S23 FE scored 124 points in photography and 131 in video recording, resulting in an average of 127 points.

Compared to DxOMark’s overall rating, the Galaxy S23 FE outperformed the iPhone 13 and Honor Magic 4 Pro and tied with the iPhone 12 Pro.

Let’s now take a look at some sample images captured in the DxOMark tests:

Image samples

External environment

Preview in the camera app

Preview with low dynamic range and poor contrast.

a result

Result with wide dynamic range and contrast.

Ultra wide angle sensor

The Galaxy S23 camera left the image with an unwanted yellow tint, while the Galaxy S23 FE camera had better color balance.

Video stabilization

Video recorded with Galaxy S23 FE

Video recorded with Galaxy S23


After conducting numerous tests, DxOMark indicates that the Galaxy S23 FE is a good device for taking photos and recording videos, as it has nice color rendition, good exposure, wide dynamic range and a beautiful ultra-wide camera, which manages to be better compared to the Galaxy S23 in some situations.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S23 FE is still inferior to the flagship model in the line because it has unstable autofocus in some situations such as low-light environments and moving subjects. The Galaxy S23’s video stabilization is also smoother, offering fewer shakes.

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(Updated on 14 December 2023 at 15:26)

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