Samsung announces the Galaxy SmartTag 2 with a new, energy-efficient design, UWB and BLE

Samsung announces the Galaxy SmartTag 2 with a new, energy-efficient design, UWB and BLE

Samsung on Wednesday announced the Galaxy SmartTag2, a smart GPS device with a new design that is scheduled to launch on October 11. One of the device’s new features is Lost Mode, which allows users to enter contact information via messages. Anyone who finds an item connected to the device can use their smartphone to scan the tag, being able to see the message and contact details.

There’s also an enhanced compass display function, which improves the experience by providing arrows to find the direction and distance of the SmartTag 2’s location. This mode is available on any Galaxy smartphone that supports UWB.

One of the other developments in this new model concerns the power saving mode, which also comes with an improved mode. While saving energy, Galaxy SmartTag2 can last up to 700 days – Double the duration of the previous model.

In normal mode there is also an improvement, as the battery life now extends to 500 days, an increase of 50%. By being able to switch between the two modes, users can also keep track of their stuff for longer.

The SmartTag2 retains many common features of the Galaxy SmartTag and Galaxy SmartTag Plus, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and UWB. The device operates with a maximum Bluetooth range of 120 meters and can control smart home devices via the SmartThings app.

Galaxy SmartTag2 is a new, compact ring-style tracker designed to be easy to use. It has a large handle that improves its durability due to the use of metal inside, allowing for the attachment of accessories such as clips and key chains.

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To ensure users’ privacy, SmartThings Find encrypts user data and supports the added security of Samsung Knox. Additionally, when Lost Mode is disabled, the owner’s contact information is immediately hidden, and messages left by the owner on the device are deleted.

In terms of resistance, the Galaxy SmartTag2 has an IP67 rating, making it water and dust resistant. For pet lovers, it also supports the new pet walking mode, making it easy to record walks with your furry friends.

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