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The moment Zuko was taken from the sea

One day, a young woman named Brian Crowell and some friends were enjoying a day of boating in Fort Lauderdale, a city in southeast Florida, United States, when something in the water caught Brian’s attention. When the boat pilot slowed down to take a back turn, the young woman assumed that someone on the boat had dropped a hat into the sea.

In an interview with The Dodo website, Brian Crowell said the first thought that came to her mind was “Wow, that hat looks like a dog,” until she realized, after a moment, that it was actually a lost and lonely dog. in the sea.

Nobody knew how the animal got this far, so far from shore, but what they knew right away was that they had to save that dog’s life. One of Crowell’s friends didn’t think twice and jumped in to save the dog, which was struggling to survive.

The dog was already very exhausted and very scared, and he was lucky that he survived. “You could tell he swam for life,” she said. Fortunately, the dog, named Zuko, was wearing a collar with family identification and contact information on it.

“We called and we could hear everyone crying and teasing on the phone,” he said. What happened is that the dog owners also took a boat trip on the same day and Zuko somehow managed to fall into the sea without noticing it in time. Thanks to Crowell’s friends gone, the puppy’s life was saved.

“When we came back to Zuko, we could see that they [os tutores] “They were hugging him and crying,” the young woman said. A few hours later, the family sends a letter thanking them and explaining how terrified they were when they realized Zuko had disappeared. They also uploaded a photo of the pet with a new accessory they purchased to ensure Zuko’s safety while in the water.

Zuko wears a life jacket
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Zuko wears a life jacket

“As soon as we realized it was missing, we all looked at the boat thinking it was hiding in one of the rooms with its bone (but we obviously couldn’t). So we kept going up and down as we traveled trying to trace our course, but no luck. After 7 shifts, she called us. And it was a miracle.They said in the letter ‘He has never done anything like this before and I’m so glad you found him’.

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The whole thing could have been a huge tragedy for the pup, but it ended up with a happy ending. Growell and the group of friends are very happy to help Zuko when he needs it most. “I’ve been on boats and in the ocean my whole life and have never seen anything like this,” he added.

Check out the videos after the rescue:

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