Russell celebrates with fans at Silverstone and says the empty circle looks like a ‘ghost town’

Russell celebrates with fans at Silverstone and says the empty circle looks like a 'ghost town'

George Russell cheered for the good weather at the British Grand Prix

Photo: Beto Issa / Grand Prix

With 32 points, Max Verstappen leads the worlds and has never been closer to his first Formula 1 title. The lead over seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton comes in a similar scenario to F1 in 2005, that’s what Victor Martins analyzes in GP at 10.

George Russell said the feeling of an empty racetrack due to the restrictions caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic is like running in a “ghost town”. The Briton celebrated by attending the British Grand Prix this weekend, although he is aware that this leads to more pressure.

With the increase in vaccination rates against Covid-19 in Europe, sporting events are starting to receive more and more fans. This weekend, Formula 1 received permission to host 140,000 people at Silverstone, provided health protocols are followed.

George Russell commented on the added pressure of the crowd to return to Formula 1 (Picture: Williams)

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“I can’t wait. It’s always a pleasure to come to Silverstone to drive on an amazing track and with 140,000 spectators cheering us on,” Russell told the Silverstone Podcast. “We all need and deserve it, not only the drivers and teams, but the fans as well. It will be exciting for everyone,” he said.

However, the Williams driver still took root in the weather to live up to the excitement of the weekend.

He said: “I’m just crossing my fingers for a stable climate. I hope we’ve resolved the bad weather in the last few weeks in the UK and had some good sunshine. It’s going to be a huge event overall.” .

Asked about the feeling of not having fans on the track, George replied, “You don’t have that vibe that you get when you drive around the track on a Saturday or Sunday morning.”

“It’s quiet, it looks like a ghost town to be honest. It’s obviously still very busy when you’re with the F1 teams and on the grid, and it’s crowded, but you look around and it’s completely empty,” he commented.. “Sport is not. Sport is about the atmosphere, it’s It’s about the entertainment, and the fans are a big part of it. Going to Silverstone with an audience that’s by far the biggest we’ve seen in a year and a half is going to be exciting for everyone. You can’t define it, but having that support … obviously gives extra pressure, but it’s good pressure and he wants A lot of us do. Trying to do our best in front of everyone is a very special feeling especially if you’re doing well.”

The show reviews the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, home of Lewis Hamilton, who is trying to cut a 32-point lead over Max Verstappen in the championship. Controversial qualifying races are also becoming a topic, with the format’s debut this weekend on the traditional track.

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