Round 6: The road sign for the unity of the series is causing chaos in the UK, and even the police are talking; Come and see!

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Oops! With the huge success of Netflix “Round 6”, fans of the series are looking for hidden links and signals in production. In light of this, the UK Police Department saw the need to rule out a sign pasted on the road across the country, and some began to associate it with the South Korean series.

Police officers from the Thames Valley in the British Territory posted a note on social media to talk about the incident. In the Netflix plot, participants in a dangerous game – let the winner become a millionaire – get a small card drawn with a triangle, a square and a circle.

A local road in the Valley of England has a sign similar to “Round 6” and the same symbols are used. In real life, however, images can help warn drivers of changes in flow while working on the road.

The UK board presented the theories to “Round 6” fans. (Photos: Reproduction)

We can assure you that this signature on the M4 Interchange in the Thames Valley will not lead you to the popular Netflix series ‘Round 6’. This only refers to alternate routes along the route …“, Mocked the police in a post this Tuesday (12). The board’s image went viral on social media, sparking curiosity and making fans theorize. Could many people have tried to find a toy called” potato chip 1,2,3 “? Hahaha

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Series budget released

After its September 17 premiere, “Round 6” became the most-watched content in Netflix history, with 111 million viewers – 82 million users in the first season of the previous title “Bridgeton”. Release

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Cho Chang Woo Seong Ji Han and Abdul Ali characters in Squid Camel
In the “6th round”, 465 people who are facing financial problems are invited to participate in a sad and mysterious game, the prize of which is a pile of money. (Photo: Revelation / Netflix)

The undeniable and sudden success of the South Korean work came as a big surprise to its creator, screenwriter and director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who came out of the “Round 6” paper with a budget of $ 21.4 million. According to Bloomberg, each episode of the series costs about $ 2.4 million, a very small amount compared to products like “The Crown” and “Stranger Things”, which require $ 10 million and $ 8 million per episode, respectively.

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