Roque, Silvio Santos’ assistant, had his diagnosis revealed after fainting

Roque, Silvio Santos’ assistant, had his diagnosis revealed after fainting

The diagnosis of Gonçalo Roque, 86, was revealed at the Sao Luiz Itaim Hospital in Sao Paulo. Silvio Santos’ stage assistant was taken to the unit on Tuesday (3) after he collapsed at home, and has since remained in hospital. That day, Rocky’s team explained on social media that he had undergone tests and was awaiting a medical diagnosis. Rede D’Or Hospital explained in a statement that the SBT professional was infected with Covid-19.

He added, “The initial examination of the clinical condition, in addition to cardiac examinations, revealed his diagnosis of Covid-19. He is currently stable, conscious, and active, without the need for oxygen supplements or any other organic support. He is still hospitalized under treatment.” . “Cared by cardiology team, with no anticipated discharge,” the note says.

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This Thursday (5), Janilda Nogueira, Rocky’s wife, posted an excerpt of the song “Let It Be”, by The Beatles, on social media and wrote that everything will be fine. “When I find myself in difficult times, Mother Mary comes to me and says words of wisdom. So be it.” The day before, I thanked him for the kind messages. “Thank you. With you here I don’t feel so alone.”

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“Life always scares us”

Last Tuesday (3), the Rockies team said that the assistant was taken to the hospital. “Life always gives us fears. At my age – 86 years old – fear comes in double doses. This week I lost consciousness at home, apparently, for no reason and was taken to the hospital, where I am, to receive care. He said at the time: “Procedure “All possible tests to see if something is wrong.”

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