Rodrigo Santoro shows his daughter for the first time and announces himself

Rodrigo Santoro shows his daughter for the first time and announces himself

Actor Rodrigo Santoro was delighted when he appeared with his daughter Nina right after her birth

the actor Rodrigo Santoro Surprised and happy to show the first picture with her daughter! He and his wife, presenter and actress Mel Vronkoviak are proud parents to little four-year-old Nina.

NS Rodrigo Santoro Mel Vronkoviak is very conservative about their daughter. They show very few moments with the baby girl and when they do, they don’t show her pictures, but talk about her.

But now, the actor has made an exception, for the first time showing the image of his daughter to the public. The actor showed a photo with his daughter Nina in her arms. The photo was taken moments after the baby was born.

A sweet newborn, Nina, appeared in Rodrigo’s arms while she was still in the delivery room and moments after her birth. By showing the sweet record with your daughter, Rodrigo Santoro He declared himself to the girl Nina, saying, “I’m reborn! Thanks for teaching me! Happy Father’s Day.”

Actor Selton Mello commented on the photo of his famous friend with his daughter with several stars. Netizens were also praising Rodrygo with his newborn daughter. One netizen commented: “How beautiful it is! You are just like your father.” Another netizen said: “What a beautiful picture!”

One netizen also said: “Happy day! God bless you always!”. Another user said: “Congratulations on Father’s Day, congratulations to your father and all the fathers in your family.” As one netizen said: “What a beautiful picture! Enjoy your day so much!”.

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Another netizen commented: “What a beautiful picture!” And one netizen also said: “What a beautiful picture! Much health and prosperity to you. “

As a friend of the actor said: “Congratulations, brother! You are an example to a son and an example to a father! Long live Francescu and Nina, all their ancestors and inheritances!”.

Launch Instagram Rodrigo Santoro with his daughter Nina right after her birth

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