Rodrigo Santoro and Mel show their daughter dressed as a princess and mesmerizing

Rodrigo Santoro and Mel show their daughter dressed as a princess and mesmerizing

Mel Fronckowiak appears with his daughter with Rodrigo Santoro at a theater show in Rio de Janeiro

Actor’s wife Rodrigo SantoroActress and journalist Honey Fronckowiak, surprised to share a very rare record of walking with the couple’s only daughter. They have been together for 10 years and exchanged rings in 2016. Little Nina is four years old.

“Since it was so cold in Rio, we went to Disney On Ice yesterday to sing ‘Let it go’ with these great artists and it was really good! I took Mini Elsa with me and she loved it too – the show and the carefully prepared home-made snack,” he said. Mel is excited about the tour.

In the pictures wife Rodrigo Santoro Shows step by step of the experiment. From preparation to choosing an appearance, the sandwiches are specially prepared for snacks during the show. Mel also recorded the track and entrance to the concert venue. This musical ice skating show brings together characters from many popular Disney stories.

Daughter Nina appears in a uniform, even with her hair braided like Elsa from the cartoon “Frozen”. Mom and daughter enjoyed the show near the rink. Together they watched Mickey and Minnie shows, Beauty and the Beast, and of course the most awaited moment of the night saw Olaf, Anna and Elsa dance and sing in the middle of the ice rink. heiress Rodrigo Santoro Still won a souvenir from the show. The girl took with her a toy from the show, a microphone filled with light!!

Record mother and daughter walking enchanted Internet users. “Little Elsa is the cutest thing,” declared one follower. “Nina from Frozen. Oh my God, she’s so big, I’m getting old,” another user was stunned.

Instagram clone Rodrigo Santoro and Mel’s daughter appear in a music show

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