Rodrigo Santoro admits he turned down several jobs abroad

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Rodrigo Santoro, actor, in an interview with the journalist Zika CamargoHe admitted that he turned down several jobs abroad after several successful films in Brazil.


“It was a production model where I read scripts and it was very stereotypical. I rejected some things because I thought they were a mischief. First because I didn’t find it interesting, because I didn’t think I had enough depth. Imagine, I was coming from “Bicho de 7 Cabeças” and “Abril Despedaçado” and “Carandiru”. These were my first three experiences in cinema. And I wanted to expand in more depth, in more research, into more study. And I came across an even more amazing character. It was always Juan, Jammers. ..”, vent.


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The actor is focusing on promoting his new feature prisoners not streaming da Netflix He made no secret of his enthusiasm for the new job.

The movie “The 7 Prisoners” wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the live stream. Also because we live in a moment when cultural production in Brazil is practically non-existent. Cinema lives, for example, thanks to broadcasting. A good example of this is the “Seven Prisoners”. The film will also be shown for the first time in cinemas. It will be on broadcast, on stage as well as in movies. There are two ways, including in relation to the work, two ways to watch it. It’s different for you to watch a movie in the cinema and watch it while broadcasting, but broadcasting also gives you access to a lot of people who might not have been to the cinema.”, I showed.

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Tribute to Gilberto Braga

even abroad, Rodrigo Santoro Show gratitude to the author Gilberto Braga, which – which He passed away last month, for the opportunity in the telenovela Pátria Minha, commended the author.

“Gilberto Braga had a unique talent for evoking the spirit of the homeland. His stories have always questioned our structures with cleverness and elegance. I remember taking some auditions, until he got his approval, to play a character in ‘Pátria Minha’ in 1994. It was one of my first jobs on television. , and had the opportunity to be close to Claudia Abreu, Tarcisio Mera, Eva Wilma and many other professors. Your sharp text and your bold vision of Brazilian society will be missed. Rest sir. Thanks for everything”, He said.

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