Rodriginho's wife points out the mistake and attacks Luisa Brunet

Rodriginho's wife points out the mistake and attacks Luisa Brunet

On Instagram Stories, Louisa Brunet criticized the brothers' stance. He said: “So much tenderness, education and beauty together, from the alpha male. Look at the dialogue between the other beauty princes.”

Bruna also took to social media to talk about the issue. On her personal Instagram page, she admitted the singer's mistake and stated that Rodriginho “is not perfect.”

Although she admitted her mistake, Bruna criticized the reaction of Yasmine's mother, which she mentioned in a comment. Louisa Brunet wrote: “What will his wife be like?”

Rodriginho's wife shot Luisa. Bruna posted: “Is it serious that you reach out to my husband and need to insult me? How ugly it is to belittle another woman; a shame coming from a woman who calls herself an activist and speaker!”

“Rodrigo is not perfect and no human being is perfect, we all make mistakes. Knowing him like I do, when he leaves he will learn from everything he made. Don't attack one person because of another person's mistake. Be better!”
Bruna Amaral, in a post on social media

The UOL vote has no scientific character or influence on the outcome of the TV Globo programme

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