Rival Amell Health Plan goes bankrupt

Rival Amell Health Plan goes bankrupt

A traditional health plan has closed its doors amid massive debt

one of Most traditional health plans in Brazil that it Amil's direct competitor It faced a delicate situation with the expiration of one of its health plans, which led to news of the company's bankruptcy and a loss of R$169 million.

more than 740,000 customers had to be relocated To other health plans due to the financial, assistance and administrative problems faced by the operator that occurred in 2015.

a The National Agency for Complementary Health (ANS) has ordered the transfer of clients, after UNIMED Polistana Unable to overcome difficulties, Reported the portal g1.globo.

Unimed Paulistana went bankrupt (Reproduction: Internet)

As a result, the serious situation experienced by the company led to the liquidation of ANS, which is similar to bankruptcy in the context of medical insurance.

Although Unimed Paulistana went bankrupt in 2015, It is important to highlight that other Unimed System cooperatives were not directly affected.

Conclusion: Favorite automaker declares bankruptcy after failure to launch and issues official statement

Bankruptcy of a large company (Image: Disclosure)

From the largest in Brazil to bankruptcy: the low end of the food giant after drowning in debt worth 800 million Brazilian reals

O Boticário has a competing cosmetics company file for bankruptcy (Image: Disclosure)

Selling to a giant company and filing for bankruptcy: Boticário's competitor, the cosmetics giant, is struggling to survive

However, the collapse of the fourth largest company in the system had a major impact on the company and left customers feeling anxious.


Unimed Paulistana's financial situation has been facing crises over the years, with a negative net worth of R$169 million and a tax liability of R$263 million a year before its bankruptcy.

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The National Health Care Service introduced special financial and technical management systems in 2009, but problems continued, leading to the decision to transfer clients to other health plans.

UNIMED Polistana (Photo: Internet)
UNIMED Polistana (Photo: Internet)

Customers, mostly São Paulo residents and subscribers to group plans (businesses and members), faced uncertainty, although they were advised to continue paying their bills.

Sistema Unimed confirmed its support for affected customers, stressing that efforts are being made to ensure service is provided to more than 740,000 Unimed Paulistana customers.

What are the main health plans in Brazil?

Brazil has a range of alternatives when it comes to health plans. The most important and famous of them can be listed below:

  1. I tend
  2. Bradesco Saadi
  3. Havida
  4. Porto Seguro Saude
  5. United Insurance
  6. SulAmérica Saúde
  7. One health
  8. Saint Helena Health
  9. Cruz Azul Health

These companies have a broad national presence and offer a variety of health plans to meet the needs of customers in different regions of the country.

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