Right turn in Israel

Right turn in Israel

Posted poll He was the “BBC Israeli”A. pointed out The Israeli population shifted to the right Since the massacre that occurred on October 7.

According to the study, approx A third of Israelis now sympathize more with right-wing positionshighlighting a major cultural change.

Kan analyst Dudi Hassid noted that although many declare themselves right-wing, there is a clear difference between supporters of current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders such as former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Mossad Director Yossi Cohen. Hasid pointed out that by separating these figures from Netanyahu, the so-called “Secular national right” – a term still searching for a precise definition – is increasing dramatically.

The poll also highlighted Gideon Sa'ar's recent decision to split the National Union Party in an attempt to create a new right-wing bloc. However, despite Sa'ar's aspirations, his political influence appears limited, as the New Hope Party is expected to win only five seats in the Knesset.

The results of a poll conducted by the Midgham Institute for Channel 12 News, in the wake of the Sa'ar split, reveal a potential reshaping of the Israeli political spectrum. Benny Gantz's Blue and White party leads expectations with 33 seats, followed by Likud with 17 seats. Including Blue and White and the Front for Change, the opposition to the current government has a total of 71 seats, compared to 44 seats for Netanyahu's party. Mass.

The research analyzed a hypothetical scenario in which Sa'ar, Bennett, and Cohen unite under one right-wing banner. In this case, Blue and White would lead with 25 seats, while Likud and Bennett Cohen's Sa'ar coalition would each gain 17 seats, indicating a potential shift in power dynamics within the Israeli parliament.

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The survey results seem to confirm the old saying that says so “A conservative is a leftist who has already been robbed.”

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