Rico wins the Farm Fire Trial 13; Find out who went to the Gulf. TV news

Rico wins the Farm Fire Trial 13;  Find out who went to the Gulf.  TV news

Played on Sunday (7), the test shot of farm 13 conquered Rico Melquiades. The defeated Gui Arujo and Bil Araújo were sent to the bay and Dynho Alves and Tiago Piquilo were dragged into the less privileged segment of the reality show Record.

The trio who will go to the test field after the tie were decided in the early afternoon. This time, the person pulled up needed to signal someone to do the activity. He chose Diane Milo Rico. He chose Dynho Gui Araujo; And Stefane Matos chose Bil Araújo.

The Fire Trial, which contains only a few excerpts from PlayPlus, has been sponsored, and is not fully explained to pay-per-view viewers. The show will take place entirely on Monday (8) edition of A Fazenda 13. Tiago was pulled by Bil into the bay, while Dynho was Gui’s choice.

The power of the red torch, chosen by the public through online voting, will give two alternatives to Rico: he can win 5,000 Rls and keep the dynamics of the remaining flame, or earn 10,000 Rls and nominate a fourth Raschiro.

The ex-On Vacation with the Ex can take responsibility for himself or give it to an ally and keep the Yellow Flame, which has a power chosen by the show’s production and will only be revealed on Tuesday (9), following the lead of Adriane Galisteu.

See below fire test videos:

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