Rico Melquiades catches Denho Alves and Seti in the bedroom: ‘What a horror’ | farm 13

Rico Melquiades catches Denho Alves and Seti in the bedroom: 'What a horror' |  farm 13

Rico Melquiades was in a “fair skirt” at A Fazenda the 13th on Friday (26). Quite simply, the influencer went into the bedroom, when he grabbed Dynho Alves and Sthe Matos together. The video of this moment began to spread rapidly on social networks, and netizens were amused by the reaction of the former MTV channel when they saw the two together, in which a significant part of the audience criticizes the friendship of the participants.

Dynho and Sthe were in a moment of intimacy, holding hands and talking closely, when Rico opened the door looking dumbfounded. But he wasn’t the only one who was uncomfortable. For some reason, the influencer was also surprised and immediately replied: “What a scare.” After the situation, Melquiades decided to leave the room and leave the husband alone.

In Twitter comments, A Fazenda 13 viewers commented on the video. I had a brief impression that they were going to hug and that Rikuo jumped [risos]”, Written by Rosana Barbosa. “Rico’s reaction when he caught Sthe and Dynho in the bedroom! ???He represents all of Brazil”, Them entertained himself.NS Face Rico Taking sti NS NS Dynho not with each other BedroomsComment on the profile update.

“I can’t stand serious riches kkkkkkkkk”, Maeli commented, in Choquei’s personal comments. When I saw the topic of the article, Victoria said. “Someone hands the Oscar to Rico for the love of Deeeeeeus”, Karim asked. “She said she misses her family.Defend Isabeli.

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