Rico Melquiades and Diane Melo have a tense conversation at a party

Rico Melquiades and Diane Melo have a tense conversation at a party

During the polar party, Rico Melquiades tried to discuss his relationship with Diane Milo and the result was not entirely positive

polar party farm 13 This Friday, the 19th, he had a DR Rico Melquiades (30) e Diane Melo (32).

During the event on the country reality show, Farmer of the Week commented with Solange Gomez (47) H Bill Araujo (29) Who is sorry that the model is alone in the house.

“We don’t need to be excluded in order to punish. Life will do it. We will not leave her alone”, he told his current colleagues.

Diane Melo and Rico Melquiades have DR at the party farm 13

During the polar party, Rico and Dai had a conversation about their in-game relationship, which turned from friendship to enmity by cutting off the jacket.

“I don’t agree with anything you do, but I never want to feel like I’m complicit in making you feel lonely here.”said the farmer. “But I’ve been feeling lonely for three months here.”fire day.

a ex-participant of Big Brother Italia Still hanging out feeling the same with friends Aline Mineiro (30). “I’ve never really felt safe. I haven’t seen the truth, I swear to my daughter,” commented.

Rico Melquiades was upset by the girl’s statement. “Today, you have no idea. It’s your heart, but when we were so close, I felt, She said.

Then Diane Melo confirmed his distrust: “You talk about you and I talk about me, even with our friendship in this group, I have never felt safe”.

Diane Melo rips Rico Melquiades’ jacket and finds out

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In recent days, Rico Melquiades’ ripped jacket has been one of the most talked about topics on the internet. after, after Diane Melo to pass the knife over the piece, netizens were thrilled because pawn discovery feat of the model.

to me Find your torn jacket, surprised the farmer of the week by not giving it your huts in it farm 13, driving a Civilized conversation with apology Dai.

Only on Friday, the nineteenth, Rico Melquiades cried with dishes served by Valentina Francavilla (41) while participating in Faroese time.

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