Rico Melquiades admits he is afraid of facing Roca

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Rico Melquiades Talking to Maylady Mihaly NS Marina Ferrari About the future of the game in farm 13 He made a list of the people he did not want to encounter in the following rokas: “Marina, Mylade, Stephanie and Allen

“I’ll be very honest, Farm I don’t want to sit on a chair: Me, Marina, Maylaid, Stephanie and Allen. I like you. It’s because I like it and because I’m afraid too, but there are five people I don’t want to sit on. [na Roça]But I’m sitting with an open chestComedian revealed.


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“You think you have a chance to get out. That’s it?”I questioned a woman from Alagoas. “Yeah, that’s it, I’m afraid”, admit a previous vacation with the former. “Yeah, I also didn’t want to go with the people I love, two people I love, if you’re one, that’s better, you root for [voltar Fazendeiro ou voltar da Roça]”, a friend of Boca Rosa commented.

“If I’m going to sit down, because we’ll have to go to Roça, then I’ll go with Gui [Araujo] Or go with MC Gui or go with Dynho [Alves] Or to go with today [Dayane Mello]”said the farmer. “It’s great to go [para a Roça] With someone you want to go out with, not your friend.Marina agreed.

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