Ribeirão Preto City Hall

Ribeirão Preto City Hall
10/25/2023 14:29 – Education

Ribeirão Preto stands out in an international event on education with the UK government

A meeting was held in Brasilia to discuss the implementation of English in schools

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The city of Ribeirao Preto became prominent in the educational context by attending an event held at the United Kingdom Embassy in Brasilia on Tuesday 24th. The Secretary of Education, Felipe Elias Miguel, represented Mayor Duarte Nogueira, participated in the lecture “Evidence-Based Education: The Importance of Evaluation for Impact on Learning”, sponsored by the Department of Business and Trade (DBT) of the United Kingdom. In association with the British Government Educational Group in Latin America and the Caribbean. UK Education Minister Nick Gibb was the guest on his first visit to Latin America.

The event brought together academic experts, leaders, governments and educational policy makers from across Latin America to discuss the importance of linguistic assessment in the educational context. Several panels addressed topics related to education policies in the Brazilian context, democratization of access to assessments, and English certifications.

Standing alone at the event, Ribeiro Prieto had the opportunity to strengthen ties between Brazil and the United Kingdom in the field of education, share experiences and discuss potential partnerships. The city is one of the few public networks in the country that has a partnership with a university Cambridge.

“Our restructuring of the English language across all sections of the municipal network expanded the number of weekly classes to three in the early years (Year 1 to 5) and five in the final year. Years (Year 6 to Year 9), access to new teaching materials, Developed in association with Cambridge University Press & Assessment, It is consistent with the most efficient English schools in the country, which is consistent with what was discussed in the lecture,” said the Education Secretary.

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Since the language is practiced in the early years of elementary school, students can already produce concrete results in integrating the skills and abilities expected in that section,” said Felipe Elias Miguel.

English Language Restructuring – The Ribeirão Preto Municipal Education Department started 2022 with new programs and activities for the students of the network, and English Language Restructuring is one of them. Pasta implemented three English classes in the early years of elementary school (years 1 to 5) and increased the number of classes to five in the final years (years 6 to 9), for 22 thousand students. In addition, Education received new teaching materials from Cambridge University Publishers (CUP).

To complete the restructuring of the English language in the network, in 2023 English was added to Early Childhood Education, focusing on oral and cognitive speech therapy for preschool students, ages four and five, through interactions and games. Along with structural axes of teaching practices of the unit.

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